Writing Isn't Cake (but I do love cake)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
While I would love to be sitting in my office telling you all writing is the easiest thing I've ever done. But we all know that isn't true. Writing is hard, hard work. But anything worth doing is hard.

I love this job. Yes, even where I stand now, unagented and struggling to be better at what I do. Because when I do land a dream agent, I want to be able to share with them my very best. And I'd like to be able to share that with you all as well. A writer is only as good as their last words. And I'm entering that point where I'm ready to make some new words.

Beginning a new writing project is largely the same as tackling an essay for school. First, you decide on your topic, then you research. I find these two steps difficult. If you choose the wrong project or misdirect your research, you're screwed, right? Not necessarily. When I started with the seeds of this project I brought it in several different directions before I discovered where I really wanted it to go. Even now, with a full and solid outline, I know things may change. And I'm looking forward to it.

Here, this step, somewhere between research and writing is where everything comes to life. I'm picking names, gathering photos and any other visuals I can find, discovering the ideas in my head didn't come close to some of the pieces I'm using for inspiration.

Just like in a school paper, things can change with research. If you find an article with differing opinions, you have to use it. You have the responsibility to show both sides of an argument and prove yours is right, sway opinions. And as a writer, I'm all about swaying opinions. I'm going to show you the deepest, darkest sides of my characters right along with what made me create them. I'm going to put them out there, strip away all their walls, and let you decide how you feel about them. Because ultimately, I will do my best, write the best damn story I can, and let you, the readers, grade me.


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