Thursday, June 2, 2011
While I could post ever single picture of my trip and feel less than no guilt about it, I figure better to post the best.

While we won't talk about the plane ride (which wasn't so bad, considering a few years ago boarding a plane would be out of the question) because nothing great happened. Oh, and it took something like twelve hours to get there with time change and a layover in Houston.


 Beautiful, right? Now, if you're anything like me you know next to nothing about the Florida Disney Parks. Epcot is an adult version of It's a Small World *cue the loop of sappy music*. Basically, you can go around the world by walking around the lake.

Up first, Mexico. Don't worry, I won't breakdown every country. On the left is a huge recreation of a Mayan temple. Inside is a nighttime marketplace with ponchos and day of the dead figures for sale among many other things. These were my favorite.

Crazy hand-painted beautiful ceramics. All shapes, sizes, and colors. Also in this marketplace, strung through with lanterns, were restaurants, a ride, and...a bar.

Disneyland for adults, remember?

 My second favorite thing in Mexico? Ridiculously amazing margaritas! From left to right, my mom's classic (read: boring), the bf's Blood Orange (that's also supposed to be his shot, but he let me take half, more on that in a minute), and my Passion Fruit. MARGARITA! *shakes maracas* And the shot of tequila came with salt, lime, and a little salsa chaser. Weird, but so good! 

As you can imagine, since this was lunchtime, lunch was great. And...maybe we were a little buzzed for the next few hours.

Next up, China.

Here is a recreation of the famous Terracotta Warriors. History lesson? Check here.

 Even the gardens were beautiful.

This promo for Disney's latest masterpiece was all made of sand. And it was huge. I have about four more pictures to complete one panoramic view.

 How about the pagodas of Japan?

And...wait, what's this doing here?

This was our entertainment.

Hippie music? At Epcot?

Even better, my mom knew the band, Herman's Hermits. I had the best time just watching her. It was a great end to a great day.


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