Take that Manuscript to the Gym

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Now while I was almost expecting a post-holiday hangover (the kind where you feel like doing nothing, leftover from an awesome weekend), I'm actually just glad to get things back to normal. Back to my routine. Back to the hair-pulling frustration and sweet-tears-of-joy madness that are revisions.

Edits, rewrites, revisions, call them what you will, just don't skimp on them. There's no better way to get your words (you remember, the ones you worked so hard on not so long ago) into shape. Unfortunately you can't take that first chapter to the gym to work on its hook or shout at that sagging middle through a thousand crunches or even kickbox that ending into submission...or can you?

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that every writer has their own process. Me personally, in the past I would never do less than three rounds of edits before allowing another set of eyes (critique partner or beta reader) on my pages. But this time (another thing I probably don't have to tell you, writers adapt) I'm sending a chapter after only two rounds. Side note: this is because I feel I've worked hard from plot to first draft and through two very substantial and thoughtful edits.

Are my words still under there somewhere?
And man is my CP tearing it apart. If this is where you expect me to cry and whine, then you must not know many writers. I'm loving all the bleeding my poor pages are doing. And I'm prepared to resurrect the first few chapters (and maybe--heh--some of my ego), rewrite, and look forward. Because red ink (or pink comment boxes) mean the reader found something off or wrong in the pages. And I'd rather work hard fixing those holes than leave them there to make myself feel better, to live in denial. Being a writer means persistence and hard work. Work I'm willing to put in. What I'm not prepared to is put out something I'm not a hundred percent proud of.

What that means is a lot of time and frustration for me...and a short blog post for you. :)

But before I go, sometimes we all need a little revision pick me up. Mine is obviously coffee (in the mornings), sandwiches (for lunch), and the occasional cookie in between. Oh, and you can't beat the affection of a darling kitty or two. So, what picks you up when you're down in the revision slumps? What keeps you going?
Kitties A and B


  1. Lesley said...:

    I hope you know the ass-kicking I'm doing is because I believe in you. <3
    When I'm in a slump I try to do something that makes me super happy. Watch a movie I love, read a new book, go out to eat. Feel better, then work with a positive outlook. :)
    Yay for Kitty A and B! Nice view btw.

  1. Great post! And my kitty visits (pesters) me while I'm writing too. :-)


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