September Writing Month

Thursday, September 1, 2011
September Writing month is a tradition I started on my livejournal blog a few years ago where I basically work (write, edit, rewrite, etc.) every single day in the month of September. I find that once the summer is over, I notice the year is quickly coming to an end. What does that mean? More work needs to get completed, more goals accomplished before that New Year's ball drops. And what better way to knock out some of the things I've been putting off than to hold myself accountable for working every day of the month? September is the perfect month for this. Like I said, summer is over and NaNoWriMo is around the corner, but not so close you can't maybe bang out a draft or a round or two of edits before November rolls around.

Now, I would love it if anyone is interested in participating. Just leave a comment on this post (or link to your own website) with your goal, what you expect to get out of September Writing Month, and we'll check in here every Friday.

So, my Day One.

My goal: Finish my first draft of "Codename: W" my YA sci-fi.

Today I had to deal with the Day Job, so I didn't get as many words on the page as I would have liked, but a few hundred words is better than nothing at all, and that's what September Writing Month is all about. Completing personal goals that you have set for yourself and to clear out those summer cobwebs.

Here's where I am currently with "Codename: W"

8980 / 50000 words. 18% done!


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