AWOL...and an Interview

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
To start, I wanted to apologize for being AWOL for so long, both here and on twitter. Building my author platform, I've struggled with professionalism and real life, always striving to keep my use of social media on that thin line, so as not reveal too much. So when I was rocked by another heartbreaking loss in my family a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure whether to announce it or keep silent. Since I had to head out of town to help settle my uncle's estate (with less than 24 hours notice), I decided I should let people know that I wouldn't be around for a week or so. And I mentioned it on twitter. To my surprise I received an outpouring of love and support, so, thank you.

In short, I'm back now, returning to both the Day Job and writing *happy sigh*. There's still a lot to deal with, physically and emotionally, but I'm glad to be home and back to what makes me happy: reading, writing, and my loved ones.

This trip has made me realize life is too short. And I'm not going to waste anymore time. I'm going after what I want, full force. So that means WAY more writing and editing. And blog posting. So expect me around here more often.

Okay, now that all the mushy stuff is out of the way (can you tell I'm a Scorpio?) This is a little late, but I was interviewed by Lexie over at Poisoned Rationality. We talked vamps and superhero names. Trust me, you want to see that. ;)

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