Friday Five

Friday, April 1, 2011
1. I hate April Fool's Day. I know nothing about how it started or when, but I am not a fan of being more gullible than usual. So, I vote to outlaw it. Maybe we can make it April Jokes Day instead? I like jokes. See, I'm not a huge grump...just a little one :)

2. I swore I wouldn't do this, (no, an April Fool's joke is not on its way) but I am currently reading a book that is not part of my A-Z Reading Challenge. I couldn't help myself. What was I so desperate to read that I just couldn't wait until I got through the entire alphabet? White Cat by Holly Black. I'm about 60% through it...and Wow. Just. Wow. Seriously. It took me a while to get into the book (it was good, but I wasn't connecting) until things really started going wrong for the MC. And so far, Holly Black is doing three things amazingly well. Writing, worldbuilding, and backstory. If you've read it, you know what I mean. If you haven't, why not? This one is definitely worth a go.

3. Working, working, working! Day job, exercise (which I'm actually starting to enjoy doing), and writerly stuff. I have been bu-sy! Woo. What have I been working on? Right now I'm trying to finish up a short story that I'm hoping to submit. After that I'm hoping to pick my my YA Dystopian again.

4. Yesterday a bus remodeled my car. And let me tell you, this calls for a sad face. So... :(

And 5. Happy April! I'm so glad March is over and my super-big-half-paid-off-mega-vacation is that much closer. 6 weeks and 1 day. *happy dance* And...I've already paid for the airfare. More info to come soon.


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