Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 31, 2011
Today is the day every adult waits for. The day they can dress up the way they did when they were kids. Well, almost every adult. I don't dress up. *waits for tomatoes to be thrown* I know, I know.

But just because I don't dress up doesn't mean I'm not a fan. I mean, I write--and therefore practically LIVE--in the Paranormal genre. And let me tell you I enjoy a good scare.

Make no mistake of it I will be sitting in my living room, watching so many scary movies my eyes may melt. While I haven't picked out exactly what will be on the movie menu (which is unusual since today's the day, people!), I know some of what must be watched. The Walking Dead (Sunday's episode has been sitting in the DVR waiting for today), Friday's episode of Supernatural, Insidious (if I can coax the bf into getting his manly bits scared off again), and we're definitely finishing off with The Nightmare Before Christmas. I may even throw in a wild card depending on what I find on Netflix and on DVD/Blu-Ray.

If anyone has amazing plans for tonight that they like to share, I'd love to hear them. Are you an all-out Halloweener? Does the fact that it lands on a Monday night deter you? Are you dressing up? Do you decorate? Go all out? Taking the kiddies trick-or-treating?

Whatever your plans, I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween and may the odds be ever in your favor! (That's right, I said it)


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