The Dreaded Query Letter

Thursday, November 3, 2011
You heard me right. It's that time again. QUERY LETTER TIME! *cue echoed voice and Halloween track music with scary noises and screams*. Damn. I should have wrote this post three days ago.

Yes, it's going to be THAT kind of post :)


All silliness aside (well, most silliness), the query letter is a huge deal for a writer. In this one page (that's right, 250 words or less, preferably less) you have to introduce  yourself, your story, and your voice to an agent (or editor or publisher). One page to describe all the blood, sweat, and tears you worked so hard on. That means it has to be good. No, not good, great. Really, it has to be your best.

Today I am working on a query letter for "GD". The manuscript is very close to being ready. Very, very close. So I'm taking the initiative and thought you might enjoy some helpful links to help you guys write your own queries.

Now, before we go into the super serious stuff, can we just enjoy some sexy half-naked Dean action?


Okay, serious face on. Here are some articles that are helping me out today.

Agent, Jill Corcoran has a list of great articles here.
Including, Formula For A Query Letter.
Queries and Synopis: How to Get an Agent Salivating to Read Your Manuscript.
And Query Letter Suicide (featuring a list of things NOT to write in a query letter). 

Now, a page with a few more links: here.
Including this not-be-missed three part series from author Jackie Kessler of the Deadline Dames.

And some of the best advice I've ever heard for query letters: Revise, revise, revise. Your query letter should go through extensive revisions the same way your manuscript does. 

Like this --->

I hope these links help you as much as they helped me. Now it's time to hear from you. Anyone else currently working on a query letter now? Have I missed any of your favorite articles or advice?

Wish me luck, guys!


  1. OMG. I love Dean!

    I'm on the query process right now, but now I'm wavering back and forth on the idea of to self-publish or to traditional-publish. Argh. So many ifs, whats, and buts.

  1. Lisa B. said...:

    Whatever you decide, I wish you every opportunity. Good luck. So exciting and nerve-racking, isn't it?

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