Just Doing

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
The last month or so I've been adrift in my writing, completely listless. I jumped from project to project in my head while getting very little done. I plotted a new book, sure, but that isn't the book I can write right this moment.

I've been in a slump and have been reading a lot to try and pull myself out of the depths. Which is an ironic term for reasons I can't (yet) share. Reading has been helping though, catching up on books that have been sitting in my TBR pile for way too long. But it wasn't until yesterday during a dinner conversation with The Best Boyfriend Fiance That Ever Lived when I realized it was time to push aside the angst. Stop thinking (that's me, always in my head) and simply start doing.

That's what I'm up to today. I'm done being unfocused and trying to think my way out of the tangled little maze that holds up residence in my brain. Today, I'm a doer. I'm setting a goal of exercising five days a week (just finished my third workout of the week), and writing everyday (even if I can only squeeze in an hour, something on the page is so much better than letting it slide by).

It's not going to be easy, but I'm up for the challenge. Are you? If you're interested in joining me (in exercising, writing, reading, crafting, knitting, whatever floats your boat that you would love to find time to do more of) I can set up weekly or monthly posts here where we can all update our stats and show each other support. You set your own goals and timeline. Just leave a comment on this post if you're interested in participating. If we get enough people to join, I can set aside one day of the week where we all share.


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