The In Between Projects Shuffle

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Personally, I'm in a good place. I'm engaged and have never been happier. Professionally, I'm in an okay place.

It's great. Things are going so well. Only...I have the tendency to let my imagination wander. Even when I'm working on a book (not under deadline) I'm thinking about another. Right now I have too many options swimming around in my mind to truly focus on one thing. Of course all of that will change when my editorial letter comes, but right now, complete and total focus is evading me.

Having six projects in your head all at one time is one of those blessing/curse deals. Sure, I have several projects to pick from. The problem is, a few of them want to take the forefront when it isn't their turn. My mind is switching back and forth between notes for revisions on book two, options for book three, possible revisions for two past projects that I desperately want to revise and submit, one shiny new idea, and one slightly older idea that I was beyond passionate about a year ago that I never got the chance to finish.

With so many ideas bouncing around up there, how am I expected to focus on just one thing? Admittedly, I am about the least organized person you've ever met, do you think cleaning up my act, so-to-speak, will help with this dilemma? Writers: how do you do it? Readers: how do you choose what to read next when I know you have a huge TBR stack beside you? People with steady jobs: how do you not let the little things distract you? How do you keep from bouncing around all over the place like a Pomeranian on crack?

Seriously guys. Help!


  1. Vanessa said...:

    Wait... you're not SUPPOSED to bounce around like a Pomeranian on crack? Uh oh....

    Really, I just keep a writing journal and write EVERYTHING down. Then I have it when I need it later. Which sometimes gets confusing, but it works. Most of the time. ;)

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